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Title Searches

Vinopal Title offers two types of Title Searches:

Title Insurance
A complete search of the property from the U.S. Government Patent to the current date. Title Insurance helps cover both an owner and a lender from any "title defects" which may arise from the search.
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Title Reports
A search from the date the current owner took title to the present date. This search will show any liens, judgments or encumbrances on the property or against the current owner. Also known as a Letter Report or Deed Forward Search.

Closing Services

Insured closings for sales and refinances.

Obtain all payoff statements, including but not limited to: mortgages, taxes, utilities, special assessments, judgments and tax liens.

Contact the realtors for the offer to purchase and any other documents pertaining to the sale.

Prepare the loan package from the lender and the settlement statement. After the settlement statement is approved by the lender, we will contact the customer with the amount needed for closing.

At the closing our experienced closing agents will explain the closing documents to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.After closing we will disburse the checks, send out the payoffs, record the documents and mail out the loan package to the lender.

Construction Disbursement

Disbursments and Inspections

Review and process the draw request from the homeowner and/or general contractor.

Inspect the job site to verify completion of work.

Request funding from the lender and provide the inspection report, draw paperwork and power point presentation of the inspection pictures.

Disburse the funding to the general contractor or sub-contractors.

Collect all lien waivers from contractors.

Prepare and issue 1099 tax reporting for all subcontractors that were paid.

Real Estate Legal Services

Drafting of Warranty Deed and Transfer Return
Drafting Offers to Purchase
Drafting Easements
Drafting Termination of Decedent's Property Interest
Drafting Note and Mortgage
Drafting Power of Attorney
Drafting Land Contracts

1031 Exchange

The section 1031 Exchange, also known as a Tax Deferred Exchange, is a fast growing and very effective way of selling real estate while deferring the capital gains taxes.

We will work with your intermediary to help facilitate your exchange.

A successful tax deferred exchange requires the use of a qualified intermediary. Although we do not provide intermediary services, we will work hand in hand with whomever your intermediary may be. Our closing department has extensive experience working with intermediaries, helping to ensure that your 1031 exchange is a success.

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