Stay Safe From These Common Title Problems

August 29, 2018

Wondering why you may need Title Insurance?

It is a good idea to stay covered in case there is a defect in your property's title. A title search can reveal these defects that may have been hidden in your property's history. Depending on the terms of the policy, title insurance can make sure you stay protected in the event that you discover problems with your title after closing.

Missing Heirs

After a person passes, the ownership of their home or assets are often passed on to their heir, or those named within their will. Sometimes, the heirs are missing or unknown at the time of the person's death. In some cases, a family may object against a will for their own property rights. These situation can occur long after you have purchased the property, which in turn may affect your rights to the property.


Sometimes forged or corrupted documents that affect your property rights make it into the public records. This may affect the rightful ownership of the property. If these forgeries are discovered, your rights to your home suddenly become at stake.

Undiscovered Encumbrances

At the time of a purchase, you may not be aware that a third party holds a claim on a portion or all of your property. This may be due to a former mortgage, lien, or non-financial campaigns, like restrictions or covenants that restrict your use of the property. In the case of an undiscovered encumbrance, your property may be in jeopardy.

These and other issues are often covered by an owner’s policy of title insurance. When you purchase a property, make sure you protect your investment with title insurance.

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